• Social Dance

    Social dancing is a great activity for everybody of all ages!  We focus on 3 key factors in our social dance program.

    1: Knowledge of steps

    2: Individual technique

    3: Ability to lead or follow

  • 1. Knowledge of Steps

    With 30 different social dances available to learn, it becomes a must to know the options you have on the dance floor in every situation. Our students learn both the official syllabus and commonly used variations of the most popular social dances! We strive to help our dancers feel comfortable and knowledgeable about all the patterns they wish to learn.

  • 2. Individual Technique

    We believe that everyone deserves the very best instruction in order to maximize their ability to move both on and off the dance floor! Good technique helps the dancer execute the figures in an efficient and fun manner! This allows you freedom and excitement on the dance floor!

  • 3. Ability to Lead or Follow

    Connection with another human being is a strong draw to the world  of ballroom dancing.  We help our students learn the best way to communicate on the dance floor so every invitation to move is clearly given, and easily understood and followed.

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